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Chicago’s Finest Protection

Our CARGO SECURITY team combats criminals and protects your supply chain

Our executive protection officers, many of them with prior military experience will provide with you with the security that you need to give you peace of mind and make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Blue Star Security is a full-service, licensed and insured investigative firm. We provide professional, confidential and cost-effective investigative solutions nationwide. All of our investigators are off duty police officers.

Our experienced team of professionals provide everyone involved with a safe and relaxed environment. We do this with expert planning and organization right down to the most minute detail.

Blue Star Security's experienced team will protect your company's employees, physical assets, business processes, and reputation from potential threats.

Background Checks

Blue Star Security offers thorough background and financial information developed from multiple sources.

Blue Star Security provides retail security services for each facet of the retail industry from focusing on loss prevention at store locations and distribution centers, construction sites and malls

Blue Star Security offers the resources and expertise to provide comprehensive security assessments and consulting support in many locations throughout the US and Canada.

Blue Star Security, Ltd. was established in 2009 by Chicago Police Officers Anthony Varchetto and Jeffrey Salvetti. Our team consists primarily of State certified law enforcement professionals which enables us the opportunity to provide our clientele the highest standards in security today. Blue Star employs hundreds of active and former law enforcement officers in the Chicago area. Our dedicated team proudly services Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and individuals.

We provide our clientele with a security plan that is customized to meet their needs, we then execute that plan to the highest standards possible. Our team of active and former law enforcement officers are reputable, experienced, dedicated professionals and the most qualified security agents in the industry. This offers our clientele protection that is unmatched. Blue Star Security is committed to exceeding our clientele’s expectations for each assignment. This dedication has given us a superior reputation in the security and investigation industry.