Home-Health Care Clinician Protection Services


Home-Health Care Clinician Protection Services

Home health care clinicians are faced with a daunting array of complex and unique threats to their personal safety while on the job. Workplace violence experienced by home healthcare providers is almost entirely unreported (some sources cite a rate as high as 95%), in part because of a pervasive perception among healthcare workers that violence is simply part of the job, and reporting it would betray their loyalty and duty to the patient. The reality is that in-home health care is now one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States – thousands of clinicians become victims of violent crime and assault every year. Recent research conducted by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) found that as many as 61% of home care nurses have experienced some form of workplace violence, including physical assault, verbal aggression, and sexual harassment from the patient, the family and friends of the patient, or the patient’s neighbors. This should come as no surprise, since home care providers work in unfamiliar, often unsafe neighborhoods and potentially hostile environments – frequently at night – without partners or backup. Patients are often confused, combative, or suicidal, creating the potential for highly volatile situations.

Despite the known risks, home health care employment is one of the fastest growing healthcare sectors of the past decade; it will continue to grow as the population ages and more healthcare is delivered outside of acute-care hospital settings. This shines an even brighter spotlight on the necessity of protecting home care providers.

It is unacceptable for a home health care clinician’s agency to dismiss the personal safety of its employees, who have dedicated their lives to caring for others. The team at Blue Star Security acknowledges and appreciates the critical care that home health care clinicians provide, and we understand the site-specific challenges of their industry. Our highly experienced security professionals provide unparalleled protection against the unpredictable, often hostile circumstances of the home care industry. With extensive experience in de-escalation and disruptive behavior management, the Blue Star Security team allows clinicians to focus their attention solely where it belongs: on the patient. At the same time, our officers understand the sensitive nature of the clinician’s working environment, and we will never compromise the atmosphere of care they provide to their patients.

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